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The ADS Support Center is available for support questions Monday through Friday from 7AM to 5PM CST.  When calling the ADS Support Center you will receive a tracking number as well as an email from our helpdesk software confirming the submission of your question to the Support Center.

If you have a question regarding ADS products, please contact the Support Center via:

Phone: 877-237-9585 (toll free for U.S. customers); 256-430-6234 (outside the U.S.)


Fax: 256-430-6615

ADS Hardware and Software Service Agreements

If you are a current customer with a hardware or software service agreement, send the ADS Support Team a question, click here.

If you are a current customer without a service agreement but would like more information about our service agreements, click here.

ADS Software Downloads

To download ADS Firmware or Pressure Coefficients, please visit the ADS Software Downloads page at

Latest ADS Software and Firmware Versions

ADS Software Versions:

  • FlowView Operations - 2.0
  • FlowView Portal - 2.0
  • Qstart - 1.3
  • Profile - 3.6
  • -

ADS Firmware Versions:

  • TRITON+ (Model 8000) - 6.08r006
  • FlowShark Triton (Model 8000) and IETG FlowHawk using the 3G External Modem – 4.80r2
  • FlowShark Triton (Model 8000) and IETG FlowHawk using the 2G External Modem – 4.74r14
  • EMUX for FlowShark Triton (Model 8000) - 901r8
  • Flow Alert and Rain Alert II - DSP610r6
  • Flow Shark (Model 5000)
    • Flow Shark AG, BG, CG - DSP 203r23; COMM 160r30
    • Flow Shark IS - DSP 203r23
    • Flow Shark AL - DSP 203r19