Upgrade to the Latest IoT Communications from ADS!

Cellular communications technologies continue to improve. This is especially true for IoT applications using Machine-to-Machine (M2M) protocols. ADS® is looking to the future for you, leveraging the advantages of true M2M IoT communications protocols for your ADS monitors.

The older 3G networks are shutting down. We already have seen this with Verizon® shutting down their CDMA (3G) network beginning in 2020 and now with AT&T® announcing their intent to shut down their own GSM (3G) network in February 2022. ADS is ready for these network changes, and we are here to assist our valued customers as you navigate the communication upgrade process.

Your Devices Could be Affected

AT&T has announced that they intend to shut down their 3G GSM cellular wireless network by February 2022. This shutdown impacts ADS flow monitors, level monitors, and rainfall monitors sold between 2014 and 2020. We already have seen communication service interruption on some networks so there is no doubt the window is closing. AT&T 3G has served you well, and now it is time to upgrade to the latest machine-to-machine (M2M) network available, the 4G Cat-M1 (LTE-M) network.


Verizon® began shut down of CDMA (3G) network

Feb 2022

AT&T scheduled to shut down their 3G GSM cellular wireless network


Upgrade now and ensure you won't see interruptions from 3G shutdowns

Why upgrade now?

It is important to plan and upgrade to the new 4G LTE-M network as soon as possible to minimize any potential service disruptions in your monitoring system. Service continuity, reliability of data, and minimization of impacts to monitoring systems is of paramount importance given the strains of COVID-19 on municipal and service providers’ crews. Of additional importance is the unpredictable nature of the cellular coverage entering the final year of 3G service. While the 3G shutdown date is not scheduled until February 2022, it is probable that AT&T will start converting 3G towers to upgraded spectrums before the shutdown date. This could cause unplanned service interruptions.

ADS offers an upgrade path that is beneficial to our valued wastewater utility, service provider and consultant customers to upgrade older ADS devices with new 4G LTE-M wireless technology.

Your local, dedicated sales and project teams are here to help you navigate this process. Contact your ADS sales or project team today to learn more about upgrading to the ADS Worldwide Modem using 4G LTE-M technology.

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