Accurate Sewer Billing

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Accurate Sewer Billing

Accurate Sewer Billing

Collection system managers must rely on accurate sewer flow monitoring to understand actual system performance and increase measurement reliability. Numerous flow-metering technologies are available, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages, including improving O&M through defensible wastewater billing. Accurate sewer billing can make or break your budget. Precise and reliable measurements must be collected and documented or municipalities could incur possible losses in income due to billing errors. Common challenges like rain events, blockages, difficult hydraulic conditions and inaccurate flow measurement technologies can all result in errors that equate to questionable sewer billing.

ADS provides a cost effective solution with tools designed for ease of use and highly accurate data collection. ADS flow monitors and advanced new web applications puts critical data at your fingertips to support management, engineering, and operational decisions within your wastewater collection system. This integrated solution connects clients to any monitoring network, delivering near real-time operational intelligence on the status of your wastewater collection system. It is the fastest and easiest way to accurately and reliably monitor and visualize the condition of your collection, archiving collection system and treatment costs for custody transfer and sewer billing applications. 


Accurate Billing

is the methodology a municipality utilizes to accurately monitor the flow within a collection system for billing and auditing purposes. 

Accurate Billing Solutions

One possible solution is to use a flow monitor that yields highly accurate data.

The ADS TRITON+ is compatible with several different ADS sensor options so the monitor installation can be tailored to the specific needs of the monitoring project.


Keep track of rainfall events.  By utilizing rainfall monitors you can uncover costly problems like I&I that can be traced back to the rainfall events. Be more aware of the conditions inside your pipes.

The ADS RainAlert III provides the total rainfall per event that can be used to calculate the total potential of I&I.  It is indispensable when determining where the inflow is coming from, the timeframes of inflow and the opportunity to correlate the rainfall event to the inflow.

PRISM will help you manage your data with ease and accuracy. Access your data and device status on this new cloud-based Collection System Management platform. The home page provides immediate system insight including a map view reflecting flow, level, and rainfall monitors with location and condition details, leaderboard tiles with system status, and quick access to the data vault as well as specialized reports. The intuitive interface allows you to quickly manage alarms, check collection and device status, generate reports, and link third party data through our self-service API to automate and enhance your specific workflow.

ADS provides a comprehensive solution to your challenges.  With over four decades of experience navigating the rigorous regulatory environment through changing needs, ADS is your trusted solution provider.  ADS has a name that is synonymous with cost-effective, safe solutions that bring actionable results.  Find out how to take the uncertainty out of your daily routine by contacting us today to learn how ADS can bring our trusted solution to your needs.