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Is there enough time and personnel resources to do all scheduled collection system maintenance?

When impacted by staff turn-over, do continuous maintenance demands make meeting schedules even more difficult?


When wastewater collection system maintenance teams are tied the never-ending task of scheduled cleaning of hot spots, schedule disruptions make them fall behind. Moreover, experienced personnel know being unaware of the actual site conditions, it’s likely that they are overcleaning. In other words, they’re cleaning clean pipes.

How to Get Relief?

Continuous remote site monitoring coupled with predictive, machine learning software gives maintenance accurate and ongoing picture of actual remote site conditions. Maintenance can use this to know when to clean.

Multiple case studies prove that experienced field techs are correct that using schedule maintenance routines results in overcleaning. One study showed that when using this monitoring 10 sites for six months, they successfully reduced cleaning by 80%, producing a productively savings of $19,200.

Whether the issue is not having enough time, experienced or in-training personnel, or equipment resources, there is a more robust and assured way to both keep-up and lower costs.