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We Provide Expert turn-key Comprehensive Services and solutions for wastewater, stormwater, and surface water.

Comprehensive Value for Multiple Applications

We Provide Expert Turn-key Comprehensive Services and Solutions for Wastewater Stormwater Surface Water

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Comprehensive Value for Multiple Applications


Core element of the ADS flow monitoring system

Economic level monitoring prevents blockages

Ultrasonic sensor for non-contact water level monitoring



Software for sewer visualization, analysis, and management.

Blockage PREDICT

Detect early signs of blockages, predict overflows and much time you have to act.


Gain direct insights into infiltration and inflow issues.

Flexible Service Models

Advanced Solutions

Purchase Monitoring equipment with purpose-built software solutions for management by your staff.

Plus Monitoring & Management

ADS Experts monitor your systems, providing alerts, analysis and ongoing insights for success.

Data as a Services (DasS)

Turnkey Management of the entire process, including equipment placement, monitoring, analysis and alerts.

Detect Infiltration & Inflow