ACCUSONIC Flowmeters

ACCUSONIC Flowmeters

The ACCUSONIC® Model 8510+ flowmeter provides accurate, reliable flow measurement for applications ranging from full pipes to partially full or surcharged pipes, open channels, streams, and rivers. The 8510+ has the ability to measure up to 10 paths in the same measurement section, assuring superior performance even in the presence of severely distorted flow conditions. Additionally, the 8510+ can measure flow in up to 5 separate pipes and/or channels simultaneously. 

The Model 8510+ can be fully integrated into most SCADA or PLC networks via 4-20mA outputs, Modbus (RTU) RS232 or RS485, and TCP/IP. In addition, the complete offering of ACCUSONIC transducers is available for use with the Model 8510+, including designs for hazardous area installations, exposed pipes of all materials, buried or encased pipes, and pipes and channels that cannot be de-watered.

Download the ACCUSONIC Model 8510+ datasheet.
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Measurable pipe and channel sizes can range from 8 inches (200 mm) to 600 feet (180 m). This versatility allows customers to utilize one flowmeter technology for a wide variety of applications, thus providing a common platform for maintenance, inventory, and training.

Utilizing multiple chordal path transit-time technology, the 8510+ provides accurate flow measurement (±0.5% for full pipes and ±1.0% for partially full pipes and open channels) even in the presence of flow profile distortions and cross flow. No other flow measurement technology can offer this level of performance over the range of pipe/channel sizes and under such challenging operating conditions.

The 8510+ is configurable to measure up to 5 separate pipes and/or channels simultaneously, thus significantly reducing the cost per measurement. This feature, combined with the meter’s high performance and minimal maintenance requirements, provides the 8510+ with a lower cost of ownership and greater value than comparable flow measurement technologies.

Accusonic 8510+ for Liaoning water diversion project

ACCUSONIC Transducers

ACCUSONIC offers a wide range of flowmeter transducers to address the diverse application requirements of numerous industries. This broad offering allows ACCUSONIC to provide the most appropriate transducer for each application.

With this ability, ACCUSONIC flowmeters can achieve the best possible performance even under adverse installation and hydraulic conditions.

• Buried Pipes
• Exposed Pipes
• Open Channels
• Metal/Concrete/Plastic Walls

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