Read NEWEA Article on Big Data and Smart Sewers

The New England Water Environmental Association (NEWEA) published this insightful article in the Fall issue: Big Data and Smart Sewers – Is the Technology Ready? Is the Industry Ready? Are You Ready?

By providing a deep dive into the future of wastewater collection, the NEWEA article offers a comprehensive view from concept to application and a roadmap for decision makers.

Some of the key topics include:

  • Improvement through Insight
  • Maintenance-Free Sensors
  • Uninterrupted Sensor Communication
  • Low-Power, Sustainable Power Sources
  • Leveraging AI for Learning Conditions and Responses
  • Costs and People Factors

In summary, the article explains how, “As we increase our reliance on automation, data-driven decisions, and AI, we will move toward a world of zero overflows and clean waters, a Sci-Fi dream that will become tomorrow’s reality.”

Read the full article in NEWEA