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At ADS, we often describe our business model as DaaS.  Data as a Service (DaaS) is a data management strategy and deployment model that focuses on the cloud to deliver a variety of data-related services such as storage, processing, and analytics. All the work we do to service, collect data, communicate it to our cloud, analyze it, and deliver it based on established milestones boils down to delivering data.  In fact, ADS has been doing DaaS for a long time.  Both I-Site & D-Site are good examples of DaaS offerings. Additionally, we just added another DaaS option called S-Site for stormwater/flood warning (FS-UL). 

For many years, ADS has been working with an organization called SWAN (Smart Water Networks Forum). SWAN is the leading, global voice for the smart water sector. A membership based non-profit, we bring together water utilities, solution providers, and proactive industry experts to advance the adoption of “smart,” data-driven solutions for drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater networks worldwide.

SWAN recently completed and announced their DaaS “playbook.” ADS sponsored this effort, and a special dedication was given to Hal Kimbrough for his membership and involvement in DaaS “community of practice”. More details here:

This year's SWAN playbook is dedicated to Dr. Hal Kimbrough, PhD, a 27-year leader and General Manager at ADS Environmental Services and an industry Digital Vision Thought Leader, who was also an original member and thoughtful contributor to the SWAN DaaS Community of Practice.

The SWAN DaaS playbook provides an overview of Data as a Service (DaaS) in the water sector, DaaS implementation, and 14 real-life DaaS water/stormwater/wastewater utility case studies. ADS Environmental Services was the DaaS provider for the Seattle Public Utilities, Washington (US) and for the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan (US).

Seattle Public Utilities, Washington (US)

City of Grand Rapids, Michigan (US)

Read more details and download the full playbook PDF here: Cheers to Hal, his legacy continues in our industry!