ADS expands 3rd-Party Data Hosting Through ADS PRISM Software

Huntsville, AL, December 2, 2021ADS Environmental Services® (ADS®) has expanded its 3rd-party data hosting capability through ADS PRISM™ software. Field data generated by Ayyeka’s Wavelet™ edge device solutions can now be easily communicated and seamlessly integrated into the ADS PRISM platform from Ayyeka’s Field Assets Intelligence™ (FAI™) platform. Users of Ayyeka’s Wavelet can also connect directly to the ADS TRITON+ flow monitor and view field data directly in Ayyeka’s FAI platform as well as in ADS PRISM.

ADS manufactures the TRITON+® flow monitors, ECHO™ level monitors, and RainAlert® III rainfall monitors, all using PRISM software for data capture, storage, viewing, and analysis.

Ayyeka manufactures the Wavelet, a ruggedized, versatile, and ultra-low-power Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) edge device. Ayyeka’s FAI platform allows field data from virtually any sensor to be managed and analyzed.

Ayyeka’s users now have a resource to generate, manage and analyze data in the ADS PRISM software platform. Finally, both ADS and Ayyeka data can be combined into a comprehensive view for advanced understanding of wastewater and stormwater collection system behaviors

About ADS Environmental Services

ADS Environmental Services is a leading technology and service provider and has been a trusted source of knowledge to the global wastewater collection system industry for over 46 years. Solutions provided by ADS manage over 30 million data points per day, measuring over 5 billion gallons of flow daily across the globe. ADS brings the most comprehensive and integrated platform of technology, support services, experience, and expertise to customers for understanding their collection system behavior. ADS is an IDEX Fluid & Metering Business. For more information on ADS, visit

About Ayyeka

Ayyeka is an industrial Internet of things (lloT) company with leading cyber-secure, end- to-end, plug-and-play solutions that create and monetize data from critical infrastructure, resources, and the environment. The Ayyeka smart solution is a modular, hardware- software solution. Ayyeka’s solution provides decision-makers with the visibility and situational awareness to convert data into insights and action.

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