ADS® Introduces New AV|MAX™ Area Velocity Sensor for Use with ADS TRITON+® Monitors

October 10, 2022 – ADS® announced availability of the AV|MAX, the newest sensor in the ADS Flow Monitoring Sensor family. The AV|MAX is an area-velocity sensor be used with ADS TRITON+® monitors. 

The AV|MAX is a wetted sensor that is installed directly in the pipe flow to provide consistent, high quality data collection capability.  It’s low profile, impact resistant, polycarbonate housing with recessed sensors, brings new levels of durability in sewer flows. With these new features, users can expect lower maintenance.   

The sensor design is tested and proven to collect accurate and consistent data in depths from 1” to 60” (25.4mm to 1.5m) and in flows of up to 30 fps (9.14 m/s). In areas of intermittent no-flows (dry-pipe) ADS recommends AV|MAX Sensor be used in combination with one of ADS’ non-contact sensors.

 AV|MAX measures four key parameters:

  • Depth – using ultrasonic “UpDepth”
  • Depth – pressure
  • Velocity – continuous wave ultrasonic Doppler
  • Water temperature

AV|MAX Sensor Dimensions: Length 6.28in (159.5mm), Width 1.49in (37.8mm), Height 0.82in (20.8mm), Weight 1.7lb (0.77kg).

AV|MAX is the sensor of choice where durability and precision are “must-haves” for flow monitoring applications using the ADS TRITON+ monitors and ADS PRISM software.  

About ADS:
ADS Environmental Services (a division of IDEX Corporation) provides comprehensive, turn-key flow monitoring services to municipalities and agencies in the United States, Canada, and Australia. ADS provides equipment, software, field services, data analytics, and 47-plus years of expertise for flow monitoring and level monitoring applications including RDI/I, capacity studies, billing metering, CSO activation and reporting, and SSO mitigation.

The Company operates more than 25 service offices to provide utilities with localized support.

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