INCLINOMETER Flood Gate Sensor


The INCLINOMETER sensor utilizes an integrated accelerometer in a sealed and intrinsically safe housing to accurately determine the state of a flood gate’s positioning in water control and management systems. It is easily installed and supports a variety of sensor orientations.

Accelerometer-based angle detection
The INCLINOMETER measures the angle opening (+/-) of a flood gate in harsh environments. The angle measurement of the gate is logged at synchronous intervals based on the ADS TRITON+® data recording rate. If the opening (angle) exceeds a user-defined threshold an alert will be sent to notify the end user of the event.
The INCLINOMETER sensor provides users with a rugged, precise measurement of movement for gates, hatches, valves or doors utilized in wastewater collection systems. It can be used in the following applications:
  • Real-Time Alarming of CSO Activations – The movement data is essential for real-time alarming of CSO activations, particularly in areas that experience tidal or river influenced overflows. In these situations where receiving water bodies influence discharges, operators do not have certainty that overflows are occurring without the Inclinometer showing gates as open or closed. The INCLINOMETER can also identify gates that are stuck open or leaky, contributing additional flow to the treatment process.
  • Bending Weir Overflow Volumes – Use to directly measure overflow volume in a Bending Weir application by measuring the angle of the weir and the weir manufacturer-provided discharge table.
  • Intrusion Alarm – Use to provide intrusion alerts when mounted on doors or hatches in the wastewater collection system.