ParaFlow™ non-contact, area-velocity sensor combines velocity, depth, and water temperature data

April 4, 2023 – ADS Environmental Services® has announced the all-new ADS ParaFlow™ non-contact, area-velocity sensor that combines velocity, depth, and water temperature data collection into a single device.

The ParaFlow™ sensor is used with the ADS TRITON+® flow monitor, enabling wastewater collection system users to acquire accurate depth and velocity data with a non-contact sensor.  Paraflow can also be used in concert with other ADS submerged sensors providing measurement redundancy. The TRITON+ and ParaFlow system send data to the ADS PRISM Cloud platform for continuous viewing by users.

The ParaFlow sensor measures four key parameters:

  • Depth – using non-contact ultrasonic depth
  • Depth – surcharge pressure depth
  • Velocity – Surface Velocity
  • Velocity – surcharge continuous-wave Doppler velocity
  • Water temperature

ParaFlow uses a patented parabolic reflector design for both velocity and depth that precisely focuses ultrasonic output to the target flow for more accurate and repeatable measurements. The sensor’s polycarbonate housing is highly durable and impact resistant.

The complete system is designed for a wide range of applications, including infiltration and inflow (I/I) analysis, model validation, flow billing, SSO/CSO spill management, reporting, and more.

Compatible with ADS® Topside Retrieval System™ (TRS)

ParaFlow is also compatible with the ADS Topside Retrieval System (TRS) that enables easy removal and reinstallation of sensors without the need for confined space access. After initial installation requiring manhole entry, TRS can be used to conduct routine maintenance quickly and efficiently without descending into the manhole. In addition to working with ParaFlow, TRS is also compatible with ParaDepth sensors as well.

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