Campaign – optimizeCMOM03

"My CMOM nags me about cleaning. Is there a better way?"

Actually, there is...

Optimized Cleaning means to right-size frequency.

How? With the use of remote site monitoring and smart software you’ll know when sites need to be cleaned, all with advanced notice.

The CMOM was introduced decades ago providing cleaning maintenance guidance to mitigate sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs). It proved itself effective over the decades. One element, high-frequency cleaning of hot spots, demanded continuous attention thus consuming valuable maintenance resources. This practice helped maintenance “stay ahead of build-up”.

Yet, pipe segments sometimes don’t need to be cleaned. One highly experienced field supervisor put it this way, “we know we are cleaning clean pipes”. Why? Because site cleaning is schedule driven. Actual site conditions are not known.

Now, that has changed. ADS has affordable and effective technology that notifies you when to schedule cleaning. The result? Dozens of utilities are enjoying the success of substantially reduced cleaning and 24/7 SSO reduction.

You can, too. Start by contacting us to discuss your application with an expert.